Esther Ruiz b. 1988


Esther Ruiz (b. 1988, Houston TX) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Ruiz creates objects that operate simultaneously as miniature landscapes from a distant future and actual size sculptures informed by the family of Minimalism. The cylinder, the semicircle, the triangle, and other Euclidean forms are combined into colorful and expressive freestanding sculpture.


She uses the minimalist vocabulary to create relics of imagined experiences. Of her creative process, Ruiz says: “The imagery I work with is born out of exploring and researching fictional places imagined in my mind...this imagined place acts not a form of escapism but of

inclusion. I finally found a place that I belong, and ultimately, my work exists as an effort to visually explain an emotional state of mind with mathematical acuteness, hence the paired down materials and forms.” She begins with a collection of emotions, memories, impressions of light, and sounds, then translates them into an abstract geometric aesthetic.