Anthony Miler: There Are More Good People Than We Know

23 June - 19 August 2022

CHART is pleased to present There Are More Good People Than We Know, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by Anthony Miler. The exhibition will feature nine new paintings in the main gallery, with a selection of over twenty works on paper from the past five years of Miler’s practice installed on the gallery’s lower level. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, June 23rd, from 6–8 pm, and the exhibition will remain on view through August 19th.


In Anthony Miler’s newest paintings, a decade-plus artistic evolution arrives at the present amalgamation of past materials and formal stylings. Featuring curving, organic forms set amid colorfully stained backdrops, the paintings on view offer a more meditative and pared-down experience than previous works. At first glance, they could be seen as simple landscapes, with bird-like forms dashing across their surfaces, often offset by an otherworldly orb, perhaps a sun or moon. Upon closer examination, however, the biomorphic nature of the subjects begins to fracture — what was first construed as a head or a wing subtly dissolves, and an eye reverts to a simple glyph, a stark symbol waiting to be recast by our imaginations.